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He escaped, but the English pursued him and brought him back to the fort, where he was flogged with one hundred lashes for escaping. While still recovering, Captain Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall ordered that he be given another hundred lashes for theft. After his second flogging, friends came to help Jamie escape a second time, and in the process one of the guards was killed; thence Jamie had a price of ten pounds Sterling on his head for murder. How Outlander Pulled Off Its Most Harrowing Episode Yet ... “Sam has a great flicker, of course it’s a gut punch to him because his wife slept with someone else, but he knows that she did it to save his life much like what he did with Jack Randall [in ... Was Black Jack Randall A Real Person In History - Best ... Does Black Jack Randall In Outlander Season 3 Tobias Menzies. Where Does Outlander Go From Here The Cast Dissects That Moment. Outlander Recap Scottish History X. Meet Outlander Season 4 Cast S 11 New Characters From Jamie Aunt. Tobias Menzies Nabs Dual Role Of Jack And Frank Randall In Starz S. Are Frank Randall and Jonathan 'Jack' Randall the same ... No they are not. Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall was listed on the family tree as a great, great, great, etc., etc.. grandfather of Frank Randall. But in truth he was an uncle that married his dying brothers girlfriend to give his baby a name. That being said on the Starz series Outlander the character is played by the same actor, Tobias Menzies.

In fact, it was recently revealed that the main cause of Jamie’s pain and suffering in Season 1 may be back from the dead. According to the Christian Post, not only will Jamie be working hard to stop the Jacobite rebellion, but he will also come face to face with his old enemy, Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) at some point in the season.

Black Jack Randall | Check Your Local Listings Come inside and discover what to watch, eat, read that’s worth your time. What’s it like behind-the-scenes of your favorite show? What book will bring you joy? When is a recipe about more than food? My goal: take the personal & make it personal to you. My OUTLANDER Purgatory: Black Jack Randall is the Devil Monday, August 2, 2010. Black Jack Randall is the Devil.Now - do you see what a perplexing paradox this is for me?! I'm annoyed at HER for stopping him from killing Jack Randall - and I'm annoyed at HIM for not kissing her ass enough over him almost killing Jack Randall!

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'Outlander' Did Something Radical Again | HuffPost Apr 27, 2015 ... So “Outlander” just did something revolutiona... ... there on the screen — but that is usually not the case with Jamie, Claire and Jack Randall. 'Outlander' Did Something Radical Again | HuffPost

Apr 28, 2015 ... ... to many people's surprise that Black Jack Randall isn't a homosexual. ... us to believe Black Jack was obsessed with wanting Jamie sexually ...

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Television’s Most Beloved Dead Man Walking. After this week's harrowing This Is Us episode finally depicted Jack Pearson's death, Milo Ventimiglia reflects on his role and his future with the show.